Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A very special FortuneKeeper story from Nancy

Some things just happen that cannot be explained. All of us at FortuneKeeper are animal lovers. We would put FortuneKeepers on our dogs and cats if we could with animal spirit messages. We probably could as all of our necklaces have safety breakaway beads but we have not yet perfected the animal version....yet. My son's best friend moved out of NYC two years ago and last week our families had a dinner reunion at Patsy's Pizza in NYC. Both boys are named Jack and they embraced as if no time had passed. Jack's (my son's friend) grandma was there. She had just turned 70 and her 15 year old Springer Spaniel had been very sick and was put down two days before our dinner. After dinner we all went to a local park and she and I sat on a bench and talked about our dogs and how they were family and not pets. Her heart was broken but she knew it was the right thing to do. Suddenly she took out an envelope and showed me a piece of hair that she had cut from her dog. She needed to do it. I looked at her and then I took off my "Door of Opportunity" FortuneKeeper, put a small lock of the hair in it and put in around her neck. We both wept and she told me how comforting it made her feel. It was a special moment.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FortuneKeeper Goes To Vegas

You go to Las Vegas to have fun. Nothing to excess, just a great show (Cher), some shopping, exquisite food (Las Vegas is now the food capital of the world) and a little gambling. The FortuneKeeper also loved the people-watching. So the Grunge Heart is first stopped at JFK airport on the way out and not by security, but by three people who were drawn to it. Two more on the plane and while having afternoon tea at Petrossian in The Bellagio a stunning hostess called over another hostess and they just loved it. Guess FortuneKeepers are both pleasing to look at and they also carry a message that is only for you...sort of an added "bonus" dimension to the art of wearing a necklace. Now it was time for some FortuneKeeper fun. Grunge heart with real fortune that reads "Life is a gamble so roll the dice." Who was wearing this FortuneKeeper? Any clue? So on with the story. The FortuneKeeper wearer gets the dice and rolls three consecutive sevens. If you know dice, it's a good start. After some very hearty hooting and hollering it was time to leave, up a few bucks and all smiles. Does the FortuneKeeper guarantee winning in Las Vegas? Oh, no, but it makes it just a little more fun. Try one when you go someplace special. Where might that be?