Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life in Perspective- Team Bond

Lately I have been complaining left and right, cranky from this weather and everything else and then something makes you realize you should be grateful for every raindrop that you feel.
The day started with a call from my sister and how she lost 200 dollars from Sunday to today. We talked in our usual Law and Order manner trying to figure out the never ending mystery of my sister losing something. That was going to be the gripe of today (along with the snow coming tomorrow).
A few hours later in the midst of homework aggravation with my 10 year old and in the middle of trying to get a project done my phone rings. It was my sister crying...mad at herself for complaining... telling me of a local family just blocks away... strangers to us...Elisa and Nathan Bond both diagnosed days apart of each other with aggressive cancers and a long battle ahead of them. The complaining and crankiness has ended with a prayer for the Bond family. I am writing about them trying to help spread their story and increase their prayers. Tomorrow I will wake up grateful for the snow...
Elisa's and Nathan's friends have gotten together and created a website and facebook page to help support this young couple and their beautiful 18 month old daughter Sadie. Please help however you can. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Team-Bond/132179996853225

Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Pledge for Japan Tsunami and Eartquake Victims

Our hearts go out to all the families which have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  We will donate $5 to the American Red Cross for every Dream Believer that is purchased from our website or our Etsy page.  The link below goes directly to the American Red Cross page for donations for Japan. 

Link for Red Cross Donation Page for Japan