Monday, April 4, 2011

The Fitness Competition Begins

OK, it is April 3rd, soon to be April 4th in 2 minutes and I have decided to take the scary but exciting challenge of competing with 10 people, chosen by our AMAZING personal trainer, Holly Rilinger, to participate in a 6 week program. I have no idea who these people are, but we have each been measured, weighed and had our BMI taken (Body Mass Index). The BMI is the cringe one as it shows what percentage of your weight is fat and it all relative to your age, gender and other variables but that aside, if you're are in this challenge, you likely have a number larger than your fingers and toes combined plus at least another 10.  It was a very cold winter and some of us nested in our warm blankets and watched too many screens. That said, it starts tomorrow and I just got my Blue Buddha FortuneKeeper ready to get into my head when the bread on the table magically calls my name and floats in my direction.  My Blue Buddha FortuneKeeper has agreed to roll me out of bed and get me to my Spin class when it is raining and
I promise to do it the next day (ho-hum).  I will wear her for this 6 week challenge and I will put the name of  my dad, the greatest and kindest dad in my FortuneKeeper to cheer me on. My dad died 2 years ago and till the end he always wore his Yankees rally cap. My dad loved to cheer anyone who needed a little extra push. So I am ready to see who can lose the most BMI based on individual percentages. Nancy, Dad, and BlueBuddha FortuneKeeper, let the games begin and good luck to everyone.