Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day Inspiration

          205753_10150218777293125_198027768124_8465475_6206488_sSometimes we just need to stop and say what we feel, and I don't mean to scream and rant at someone. I mean sometimes we have to stop and tell someone how much we love them before we no longer have a chance. I was inspired to have the Mothers Day Contest from attending a funeral.
           I recently went to a funeral for a friends Grandmother who lived a long wonderful life with many children and many grandchildren.  At the funeral the one grandson (in his 30's) got up an announced that he wanted to read something that all of the grandchildren (in their 20s to 40s) had written 10 years earlier for their grandmother. As a present for Christmas all of the grand kids decided to get together and each write a 100 words or more about "Why I love my Grandma".  He took excerpts from all the essays and read them to us at the funeral. They each made us laugh and cry. Now I did not know this woman personally, but as I had a tear rolling down my eye, I sat there and thought how lucky a woman she was. How wonderful for her to have heard all these words and to have these papers to read over and over again. To know that she was loved beyond loved.

           We often forget to say what we feel, to express to someone what they mean to us, sometimes before it's to late. So our contest was to remind us to take the time to tell our loved ones what they mean to us. So read this and turn to the person next you and tell them why you love them. I just did.