Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'll Keep Trying

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There has been this tree on my way to work, that as I walk by every morning, brings a smile to my face. The light shines down and reveals all the shades of green and its tips are young and bright and reaching for the sun. As I walk by, I stop and put aside my worries. I love this tree and this tree loves me. Corny, but true.

I took these photos the other morning on my phone and had the thought that I would share it. It wound up I that I took this block home with my 10 year old after school that afternoon and decided to share it with her.
I stopped and said, "Look at the way the light shines through the leaves and all the shades of green. It's natures color palette with all its hues. Isn't it beautiful! It makes me happy!" Now I am sure you can guess her response, "Mom! I know, yeah, yeah yeah, its beautiful. Let's go, people are looking at you!" I was then escorted down the block and rushed into our home. I let it slide.

Don't worry, don't be discouraged, the tree and I are still happy. I am not giving up or giving in to my 10 year old. I point out some flower or butterfly everyday and comment on it. I will keep trying till she says to me more often how beautiful something is. It worked with the older one, he took his date to the Botanical Gardens! How important it is to stop and find the beauty in something. Stop and share it with someone you love and lets keep trying together!

What do you do to help others see beauty in things?