Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why It's Time For Dogs & Cats

Is there anyone reading this who has a dog or cat who does not feel passionate about their animal friends? Some of the most personal Facebook posts that I see are pictures and stories about our canine and feline companions. I know that I do not consider myself a dog "owner" but rather a dog named Kaydee is a member of our family. She adds a beautiful layer of pure love to our lives. When she greets us at the door she seems to be saying "I love you, welcome back, I missed you so much,  oh I am so happy to see you, did anyone ever tell you that you are amazing and fantastic and I am so happy you are home?"
When I visit my mom who lives in an assisted living center,  sluggish people slumped in chairs perk up. Kaydee makes them smile. They want to touch her. They ask me questions about her and she knows they are fragile. She is gentle with them. When Kaydee and I go out for a walk, she is a kid and adult magnet. Why is this? I am not sure but I suspect that people just understand the beauty of her being. She seems so happy to see everyone. 
Kaydee (white and black) with her best friend Scout

The same is true for cats. I had two cats, Charlotte and Cagney. They slept on my head. They are different then dogs. Some people think cats are aloof, but this is far from reality. Cats simply show their love differently than dogs. When you least expect it,  the sandpaper tongue is kissing you.
This is why FortuneKeeper is bringing dogs and cats to our collection. We are collaborating with a brilliant artist named Dean Russo who does fantastic work. He donates a portion of his proceeds to animal shelters and other great charities and we will do the same.  Check out our Facebook page for more details. Some of the design elements will be different from our current collection. We will keep you posted and to all of the Dean Russo fans who overwhelmingly  loved the collaboration of Dean Russo and FortuneKeeper, we thank you for your many wonderful comments. 
Stay tuned for a new style necklace, key chain, bag pull and bracelet.

Monday, October 8, 2012

FortuneKeeper Gives Back

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is an amazing charity that delivers an astounding .91 cent of every $1.00 it receives to help achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime by providing critical funding for innovative clinical and translational research at leading medical centers worldwide, and increasing public awareness about good breast health. Founded in 1993 by the late Evelyn H. Lauder, FortuneKeeper will give 10% of all sales from in the month of October to this amazing organization. We love our fans and we have such respect for this great organization. 

Read It - Believe It - Keep It 
KEEP WORKING FOR A CURE — with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

How a FortuneKeeper helped me get fit

How many times have I started my fitness journey?
One, Two, Three, Four...Oh I could keep going.

See these dogs? I want to be them. Look how happy they are. And fit. I need a canine fitness coach!
OK, that is just not practical right now. So what then?
I found something that seems so simple you may laugh at it, but....before you do let me tell you that IT IS WORKING. I took a FortuneKeeper necklace and put the message that you see above in it. I laughed and yes, I am getting fit! I just stopped bread and sweets and got my BUTT on a spin bike. My spin community (lots of zany, funny and fit women) make me laugh, encourage me and I do all of this indoors.
And the image on my FortuneKeeper is called Transformation. So a little piece of paper in a magical hand crafted Lucite necklace is my replacement canine trainer. Pretty cool. xoxoxo Nancy

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Wonderful July 4th to you

Relax, hydrate, see friends and family or watch a good movie. There's a lot of heat keeping the outdoor activities somewhat challenging.  Please make sure the doggies are well hydrated too. Nothing with onions for our canine friends as onion is quite toxic for dogs, as is chocolate and grapes. And as we celebrate our independence  let's please remember all of the public servants who protect us every day and who are doing so today as we celebrate and relax.
 Sending good fortune your way. Love FortuneKeeper.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FortuneKeeper Goes to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

    For those who know me, it's       Chrisie,  I have a fond love of the Brooklyn  Botanic Garden. It is the place that my Father took me when I was little, where he taught me. It is also the place where we placed a plaque after he passed away, to honor him, to remember him.
So you must understand how special it is to me to have FortuneKeeper be one of the Brooklyn Artists featured at the new Brooklyn Botanic Garden Gift Store in the New Visitors Center! The new center is absolutely beautiful! (I will post pictures tomorrow) The store has floor to ceiling windows sand blasted in a beautiful bamboo pattern overlooking the Japanese Gardens where my Fathers plaque is placed. The store is breathtaking and I am thrilled to be a part of it with a huge selection of Brooklyn Artists and Made in the USA products!
When the buyer first approached us at the NYIGF I gave my usual "Fall in Love with FortuneKeeper speech" but I became overwhelmed an teary eyed when she said she was the buyer for the BBG (thank goodness I didn't scare her away).  It is a dream for me and Tim (my brother) to have FortuneKeeper in the Gardens, to be with Dad.  For some days this job is not easy, some days we get frustrated but some days there are things like this that make all the hard times seem easy. Sometimes we feel we get a kiss on the head saying "Good job!" and we know who it is from.

       Check out the BBG Blog for updates

A poem to Norman T. Curran

And in the garden we went,
You taught me every scent,
Every flower, every bloom,
Your knowledge I consumed,
Today I lead the way,
Teaching along the way,
For your grandchildren need to learn,
The legacy of someone taken away too soon,
Happy Birthday Daddy, you are missed so,
But you are always with me wherever I go.
Love you!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Freedom Tower

Thanks to all of the brave men and women and canines who have dedicated and for many given their lives to stand up for this great country.  The Freedom Tower stands tall in a space that will always be sacred and meaningful in ways that words cannot convey. It is now the tallest building in NYC.  We might all take a moment and reflect on what we can do when are driven. Our hearts beat as one.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has arrived!  Everywhere we see the signs of renewal, rebirth and regrowth and here in Brooklyn, our gorgeous flowering trees are blooming -- magnolia, silver lindens, forsythias and of course, the wonderful Cherry Blossoms, which are so popular here The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens has a Cherry Blossom Status Watch Map where you can time your visit to see the peak blooms of the species of your choice.  Yes, cherry blossoms are very serious business in this town!

Which means it's a perfect time to wear our Enjoying Life's Blossom's necklace adding a little cherry blossom bling to your spring wardrobe.  This piece is a big favorite around the office -- it seems to look great on everyone, especially with a crystal.

Under the 'something new' category, we are now on Pintrest where you can find us posting our favorite things, as well as new designs and reviews, such as this glowing one from Flower Hazard which says:"This would make a wonderful gift for a graduating student, birthday, or Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts! They have a design for every interest and personality!"  If you've purchased one of these as a gift, please let us know about it.  We've heard so many inspirational stories about Fortune Keepers given as special gifts and would love to hear more.

Now to get to spring cleaning, unfortunately, but I already have my favorite inspirational saying ready and waiting to go into my Blossom necklace to keep my energy up ...

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
                                                                              - Rainer Rilke

Claudia at Fortune Keeper

Monday, March 19, 2012

What a great feeling...when I allow it to be

Today I happened to be at Michael Kors in the Flatiron area and Sephora on The Upper West Side of Manhattan. I was wearing my Black Buddha FortuneKeeper with the clear crystal on a black cord and both salespeople asked me where I got my necklace. This was before I even got the chance to turn it over and show them how it works. It made me feel really great but also a little nervous. Funny, I think I was nervous because I felt a little weird telling them it was made by a company that I am a part of.  Then I realized that it would be really amazing if I could just take it in and feel great. I have to think about this feeling that comes up. Frankly, we all work really hard getting FortuneKeepers made and selling them so I am going to work on just enjoying other people's delight when they ask me about it.  Nancy

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Running towards the good stuff

1) Running home for pasta and sauce
2) Running to get the mail and still loving a magazine
3) Running to put on sweat pants and a T-shirt
4) Running to see a friend for dinner
5) Running into a Q, J, X in Scrabble or Words and waiting for the triple word
6) Dogs running:)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A favorite review that we have on our wall

One of the most rewarding gifts that we can receive is a great review. There are so many to pick from but here is one of our favorites.

"I bought 2 keychains to give as Christmas gifts. One person thought it was so special she teared up when she opened it (It's never about how much you spend but how special it is to the recipient). The other person couldn't quit commenting about how much he loved it (and I know he meant it). I loved giving them because they were special and very unique. Thanks for helping me make their Christmas special. The best gift I could have gotten was their delight."

It does not get better than that. Thanks for all of the fabulous feedback. Just wait, new things are coming!
Tim, Chrisie and Nancy (plus our 2 rescue dogs, Scout and Kaydee who are in charge of customer service. Well they actually help out keeping the phones clean.) The customer service reps must love dogs though!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The New $3,000.00 FortuneKeeper

That's right, we have a brand new FortuneKeeper that will retail for $3,000.00. It will look exactly like it does now (in our humble opinion - FABULOUS). It will be made in Brooklyn as it is now and it will come in the same nifty tin that you can use to store extra buttons. Why are we raising the price for a necklace from $29.00 to $3,000.00? OK, hold on, because this may sound just too good to be true. We have created a limited edition FortuneKeeper that will allow you to make one wish that will come true. Now there are restrictions that you must know about before you spend an additional $2,971.00 for this one wish necklace. You cannot ask for any winning Lotto numbers or anything for that matter that is about money. No shopping sprees or new cars. You also have to submit your wish and the FortuneKeeper panel will determine if your wish merits processing your credit card. Now you might be asking yourself how is this possible? Are you asking yourself this question? Do we really have the power to make a wish come true? Well, the simple answer is no, but you do. So we have taken the $3,000 necklace and put if on sale for $29.00. Just put your wish, goal or something that makes you feel good and wear it close to your heart. Take the power that you have and use it. It is transformational when you really believe that you can do something. That is the beauty of conviction. It is always there for the taking.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Life In a 10X10 Booth

So our booth is 10x10, or put another way, the size of a Manhattan studio apartment. In this space which you can see is quite charming, well lit, has great views and includes heat and electric (wait, this sounds like a Classified Ad from the 1990's...pre Internet). OK, we enter our booth and we talk to people. First we dust, tidy up, re-arrange the FortuneKeeper tins (a tad compulsive) and then we hide our coffee cups. Nancy's can be identified by the lipstick marks, Chrisie's only needs to be lifted close to the nostril area and the smell of a double shot of Splenda is her trademark and Tim is a real purist, black with no milk or sugar. The next thing is gum. A few chews and out. Then the action starts. We meet every kind of personality under the sun. This can range from a small shop owner in Montana to the purchasing director of a major store. The thing that remains a constant is our enthusiasm for what we are selling. All of us are selling something that we had a hand in creating. It really brings out the kid in each of us. There is much pleasure to be had when someone loves what you have made. Today we met some great prospects and some very fun people. We sold 24 to a woman from Colorado who told us her store was not really a great fit for our product but she loved them so much she would try selling them anyway. Now that's what we love!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Doing Something We Love

Today Tim, Chrisie and Nancy, woke up with a feeling of excitement and anticipation. We were about to do our very first International Gift Show with our booth actually at the Javits Center. First order of business - COMFORTABLE SHOES. Nothing on this planet can be achieved when your feet hurt. Really, this should be taught in college. Forget spread-sheets and business-speak, it's the feet that matter. OK, that said, our lack of sleep was not an issue. Adrenaline kicked in and coffee in hand we were ready to enter a glass structure that on this day housed what seemed like an warehouse of everything you could ever imagine being called a gift. Aisles and aisles (and we are not kidding) of well-lit booths and busy ants (us included) putting the finishing touches on displays that ranged from "art" to "ugh." After a few artful maneuvers we were ready for prime time. Now our FortuneKeepers are something we have worked very hard on to make beautiful and over the past year we have really learned a thing or two but a FortuneKeeper is not a pot-holder or a flashlight. A buyer needs to see how it works, what makes it great and they need to understand that they really should carry our line in their store (online included) or catalog. This is why it really matters when you do something that you love and are proud of. So how did day one go? Well we are all home now and we want to share some very fun stories but it's late, so will you come back tomorrow for more?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday January 21 2012
Do something fun today. Fun can be transformational.
Snow anyone? Go for it. Throw it...have a ball:)

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Fun In Choosing

Next Sunday we will be making our very first appearance at the International Gift Show at The Javits Center Jan 28-Feb 2. We did two previous shows at The International Gift Show but we were at Pier 92 which is about a mile from The Javits Center. Our collection will include some great new images, a few of which we have posted on our FortuneKeeper Facebook page. Choosing designs is really fun. It is in fact one of the most fun things that we do. We consider who our "audience" is and what would they like. Of course we have to love it and without arguing, there are passionate cases made why something might be better than something else. It really is amazing to be able to separate what we individually like and find a consensus. Then we develop a story around the image, often based on the artist's description of the image. We then run with it and reshape it and writing our story cards is another very satisfying part of the process. Some of the greatest and most satisfying times during the Holiday Market at Union Square came when a very passionate person was buying a FortuneKeeper for a friend or loved one who was struggling, emotionally, physically and even financially. The images along with the message on the card brought some people to tears and made others so happy to be able to give a gift that carries hope. We will keep you posted as we get ready for the show.