Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FortuneKeeper Goes to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

    For those who know me, it's       Chrisie,  I have a fond love of the Brooklyn  Botanic Garden. It is the place that my Father took me when I was little, where he taught me. It is also the place where we placed a plaque after he passed away, to honor him, to remember him.
So you must understand how special it is to me to have FortuneKeeper be one of the Brooklyn Artists featured at the new Brooklyn Botanic Garden Gift Store in the New Visitors Center! The new center is absolutely beautiful! (I will post pictures tomorrow) The store has floor to ceiling windows sand blasted in a beautiful bamboo pattern overlooking the Japanese Gardens where my Fathers plaque is placed. The store is breathtaking and I am thrilled to be a part of it with a huge selection of Brooklyn Artists and Made in the USA products!
When the buyer first approached us at the NYIGF I gave my usual "Fall in Love with FortuneKeeper speech" but I became overwhelmed an teary eyed when she said she was the buyer for the BBG (thank goodness I didn't scare her away).  It is a dream for me and Tim (my brother) to have FortuneKeeper in the Gardens, to be with Dad.  For some days this job is not easy, some days we get frustrated but some days there are things like this that make all the hard times seem easy. Sometimes we feel we get a kiss on the head saying "Good job!" and we know who it is from.

       Check out the BBG Blog for updates http://www.bbg.org/news/

A poem to Norman T. Curran

And in the garden we went,
You taught me every scent,
Every flower, every bloom,
Your knowledge I consumed,
Today I lead the way,
Teaching along the way,
For your grandchildren need to learn,
The legacy of someone taken away too soon,
Happy Birthday Daddy, you are missed so,
But you are always with me wherever I go.
Love you!