Thursday, September 20, 2012

How a FortuneKeeper helped me get fit

How many times have I started my fitness journey?
One, Two, Three, Four...Oh I could keep going.

See these dogs? I want to be them. Look how happy they are. And fit. I need a canine fitness coach!
OK, that is just not practical right now. So what then?
I found something that seems so simple you may laugh at it, but....before you do let me tell you that IT IS WORKING. I took a FortuneKeeper necklace and put the message that you see above in it. I laughed and yes, I am getting fit! I just stopped bread and sweets and got my BUTT on a spin bike. My spin community (lots of zany, funny and fit women) make me laugh, encourage me and I do all of this indoors.
And the image on my FortuneKeeper is called Transformation. So a little piece of paper in a magical hand crafted Lucite necklace is my replacement canine trainer. Pretty cool. xoxoxo Nancy