Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fortune Cookie Hoarders! You can never have too many FORTUNES.

We at FortuneKeeper Jewelry & Accessories love people who collect fortunes. We are 3 New Yorkers and in New York we love our Chinese food. People who live outside of New York think we all go to Chinatown for our dumplings but really there is not a 5 block radius anywhere you go in New York that does not have either a Chinese restaurant or take out storefront. A little trivia, Chinese people do not eat fortune cookies and by Chinese we mean actual restaurants in China and very traditional Chinese restaurants in New York. My aunt is Chinese and she takes us to places that are very traditional and orders in Mandarin. As soon as she orders I know we are not getting any cookies. That's too bad because fortune cookies are really fun and even the ones that get a little messed up when translated can become awesome when adding the "in bed" at the end of the fortune. So there are three of us at FortuneKeeper and it is Tim who actually is a fortune hoarder. Hey, better fortunes than old newspapers and phonebooks. It seems there are thousands of fortune hoarders. They confess to us when they see us. They put their chins down as if there is something embarrassing about collecting fortunes. We very quickly cure them of this seemingly shameful habit because collecting fortunes is really fun and meaningful. So it was Tim who wanted to store his fortunes some place other than taped to his fridge or stuffed into his wallet. I won't go into detail but I will say that Tim can take a nail and make a nail salon. He has the gift of creating things from items that most would discard. Sometimes we go to wholesale gift shows and people will ask us where we got a mirror that they think is fantastic and they have never seen before. Right, they have never seen it because it is a piece of glass with air-conditioner ducts that Tim has managed to turn into art! We are doing some fun things in our Brooklyn factory and we will share our photos with you. Now go have a great Chinese meal and cherish the great fortune that might just inspire you to Read It - Believe It- Keep It.