Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Thank You Can go a Long Way to Brighten Someones Day!

  How is it that saying goes? That you never know how your words may affect others or kindness goes along way or a smile brings a smile. Whatever it is I am thinking about it basically comes down to a compliment when unexpected can bring strength to your day, a smile to your face, a pat on your back. And today was a day that one of you did that for me, and I want to say thanks!
Fiona Gubelmann from Wilfred
 This morning I was sitting in the waiting room, waiting from my mammo and sonogram (just routine) but always nerve racking non the less, the awkward feeling sitting in your robe, fear of talking to the others, afraid of why they are there and what you may hear, your own what ifs growing in your head, but that is when you cheered me up at the moment I needed it. I was on my ipad reading my emails and thats when you went out of your way to write me, just to say something nice."I had to write and tell you how much I love the necklaces I ordered.  They are great and I am sure my friend will feel the same way about hers.  The black chord with the size adjuster is the best idea I have seen.  So many times necklaces are not the length and this is just perfect."
You took me out of that zone and made me smile:) It was also more than that, it was recent events on fbook in my community and the group I decided to leave. I was so saddened by all the negative statements people were posting about local businesses and not enough good things. (hey, we all have a bad day) So you see, your simple words brought me much joy because you went out of your way to thank us! How much better life could be if we all threw compliments out more, because you never now how someones day is going or what they are going through. A simple your shirt is pretty, holding the door for a Mom balancing a carriage and groceries, a thank you note for a dinner, whatever it may be, any small gesture can brighten someones day! So we should all practice saying something nice:) multiple times a day!

A fun night out with my friends who all showed up wearing a FK necklace!
Oh wait, there is more, a trifecta, if you will, you reminded me that we dont advertise that you can wear our Swarovski necklace at any length just by pulling on the magnetic bead in the back! Pick the length according to your neckline and your style! Sometimes you are so used to doing something that you assume that everyone else knows how to do it so thank you again!
 Regards from Brooklyn, Chrisie
 PS: Thank you to all the compliments we have been getting at FortuneKeeper, you guys are the best and we couldn't be on this journey without all of your support!

Sara Ramirez from Gray's Anatomy wearing our Black Buddha adjustable Swarovski Necklace.

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