Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It Seems So Simple But It Took Time

About 5 years ago we came up with the original FortuneKeeper. It started when we found ourselves hanging on to our favorite fortunes with no place to put them and Tim being the "mad scientist" decided that he wanted to wear his rather than stick it on the fridge or toss it in a drawer only to get lost or tattered. The original FortuneKeeper which Tim designed in his basement studio was pretty grim ( sorry Tim) and then entered Chrisie, Tim's sister who has flair and she took a great original concept and made it look  stylish. Nancy, a family member of sorts, loved it and wanted in on the new venture and she (that would be me) added a few twists and ideas that gave each image a story of sorts, ranging from friendship to facing life's challenges and so many more. OK, so that's the short story of how it started. Our biggest challenge was explaining what it does. Probably between the 3 of us we have explained the concept of how it slides open, how it snaps open (the bracelet version) and what you can do with it to a gazillion people. Finally after 5 years we have the image that you see above that explains the FortuneKeeper. How on earth did it take five (yes five) years to come up with this 4 step instruction visual? Well, time flies and we would rather look forward with anticipation than back with frustration. So as we approach what we hope is a great holiday season for everyone, look at HOW IT WORKS IN 4 SIMPLE STEPS and put something awesome, meaningful, funny, sad, moving or put a fortune in all of the FortuneKeepers that you are going to give as gifts to the special people in your life. 
PS - If you get to the end of this blog you deserve our special promo code inspire15. It saves you 15% on your order and it runs through December 10th. Oh and if you don't get a FortuneKeeper(s) that's OK too. We appreciate you and just having read this blog makes us very happy and grateful.

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